O'R.P part ways with their apostrophe and their full stop and become Orp

"It was time to reconsider our relationship with the apostrophe and the full stop," says Horst Prillinger, co-founder and guitarist of the band now known as plain and simple Orp. "They made us look incredibly cool, but the downside was that they were just too cool to be found on the Internet." With most search engines, most notably Spotify's and Amazon's simply refusing to return any search results, Prillinger and co-founder O'Rourke decided to ditch the punctuation. "Being cool is one thing, but it's useless if nobody finds our music online."

Orp are currently in the process of renaming their various online presences and uploaded tracks, which should all sport the new band name in the next couple of days. The URLs for their websites will remain unchanged.