"Orp 4" out now!


Good news! Our new album, simply entitled "Orp 4" has now been released and is available on audio CD and through all major streaming and download sites.

"Orp 4" is a huge step forward in our musical development: largely based on electric guitars and electric cello (no piano this time!), it is harder, more hypnotic and more uncompromising than our previous releases. At 9 tracks and 72 minutes, it is also our longest and most intense release to date.

Orders through our Bandcamp page are particularly appreciated as it is us, not some faceless company, who receives the largest share of what you pay for it. To show our gratitude, all orders through Bandcamp come with 4 exclusive bonus tracks not available elsewhere.

For those of you who love to touch physical objects, we have a very cool-looking CD in a digipak with photographs by ourselves truly, exclusively available on our Bandcamp page. Of course the CD also includes the download for all 9 album tracks and the 4 bonus tracks. All orders come with our infinite gratitude for supporting our project.

Track titles:

  1. "Our Delicate Wall of Sound"
  2. "Fungicide"
  3. "We Come From Planet Earth"
  4. "Currents"
  5. "Catapult 234H1"
  6. "You Don't Want to Know"
  7. "In My Dream, I'm Dancing to a Slow Tune"
  8. "Intergalactic Holistic Train Wreck"
  9. "I'm Not in Your Book"

The total running time of this album is approx. 72 minutes.


Order CD or digital album in MP3, AAC, FLAC or WAV: Bandcamp

Orp is an ambient chamber jazz ensemble featuring Mig O'Rourke (electric cello, electric guitar, muurni khuur, theremin) and Horst Prillinger (electric guitar, electric piano, electric sitar, bass guitar). The band plays in a distinct style located between minimal music, drone, and ambient music, making extensive use of improvisation.