Akbé/Animé released

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Our first release "Akbé/Animé" is now finally available as a digital download and on audio CD. The album contains a selection from our early rehearsal and demo recordings. It's a showcase of our melodic and sparse blend of ambient chamber jazz in an immediate and near-live setting, and a first impression of things to come.

Track titles:

  1. Akbé (4:54)
  2. Cryo #3 (3:52)
  3. Alma (5:26)
  4. Animé_12 (8:04)
  5. Andaï (3:49) [listen]
  6. Cluster (3:15)
  7. Thomas (6:07) [listen]
  8. Unthought (8:04)

The album is available digitally via Bandcamp as well as through iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer, Juno, eMusic and other digital music sites.

A limited edition audio CD can be ordered from us via Bandcamp or ebay. The CD comes in a 6-page colour digisleeve with photographs by Mig. The CD is limited to 100 copies.

Customers who buy the audio CD through our website receive a download coupon for "Song1", a 40-minute live performance recorded in August 2017, on which the band develops musical textures from ambient to drone doom metal.


Order limited edition audio CD: Bandcamp | ebay
Order digital album: Bandcamp | Amazon.de | Amazon.co.uk | Amazon.fr | Amazon.es

Orp is an ambient chamber jazz ensemble featuring Mig O'Rourke (electric cello, theremin) and Horst Prillinger (electric piano, organ, sitar, guitar, bass). The band plays in a distinct style located between minimal music, drone, and ambient music, making extensive use of improvisation.