New stereo version of "Akbé" on Soundcloud

In one of our recent recording sessions, we returned to one of our favourite tracks. You may know the early demo version of "Akbé" we included on "Akbé/Animé", but this is an entirely different beast. Not only is it longer and richer in sound, it is also in stereo. Enjoy!

New Track "Collateral" on Soundcloud

While we're getting "Akbé/Animé" ready for release, here is already a peek into the future: "Collateral" is an entirely new track from the sessions for our next album project. Listeners have called it "electric", and we'd like to concur. There is a unique energy in Mig's cello bow on this one. Enjoy.

New track "Andaï" on Soundcloud

As the release date of our first full-length release "Akbé/Animé" is getting closer, here is another track from this album: "Andaï" is calm and melodious, with some beautiful cello work by Mig.

"Akbé/Animé" will be released on audio CD and as a digital download on November 24th, 2017.

New Track "Thomas" on Soundcloud

We've given you a first taste of our rehearsal archives with the "Chill" E.P., but there's more (and better!) where these tracks came from.

"Akbé/Animé", a collection of eight tracks from our early sessions, will be out as a digital download on CD on 24 November.

We have made one of the tracks from the album, "Thomas", available for pre-listening on Soundcloud. Enjoy!

Our First Track on Soundcloud! - "Chill"

Ever wonder what Orp sounds like? We've now opened a Soundcloud page, where we will post selected samples from forthcoming releases as well as other tracks from our digital archive.

We're currently compiling a collection of our early recordings, which we'll release in November 2017. Before that, we're planning to give you a first taste of our material in the form of a four-track EP, which will be out on September 14th.

"Chill" is one of the tracks from the EP. Here is a slightly edited version; the EP contains the full-length version. Enjoy!