It has been a pleasure.

Thanks to the friendly crew at Rhiz - Peter for booking us, Milena for helping with the setup, and Nik at the bar for quenching our thirst.

Thanks to Deedee and Elly for manning/womanning the ticket and merch desk at short notice.

Thanks to everyone who came to listen. We hope you had a good time. We sure did.


Chairs waiting
Photo: Horst Prillinger

Upcoming concert 24 April @ Rhiz


Less than two weeks to go until our concert at Rhiz Vienna! We're pretty chuffed to see that we made it into Falter's "recommended" listings. One reason more for you to join us that night.

Kosmophon Ambient: Orp @ Rhiz, 24.04.2019


We will be playing at Rhiz Vienna as part of their "Kosmophon Ambient" series. We are using this opportunity to present our latest album "Orp 4" and even newer material. It will be an evening of long, immersive soundscapes and textures that move in between the spaces referred to as "ambient", "minimal", "drone" or "experimental".

"Orp 4", our fourth album, was released in February and is a 72 minute tour de force through a range of musical genres that move in slow motion and foreground textures rather than melodies. Recorded only with electric guitars, electric cello and electric muurni khuur, the soundscapes have a very unique character, even though there are some musical reference points such as Fripp & Eno, Earth, Pink Floyd Philip Glass' early minimalist works.

Concert Line-Up:
Mig O'Rourke - electric cello, muurni khuur
Horst Prillinger - electric guitar, percussion

Rhiz, U-Bahnbogen 37-38. Lerchenfelder Gürtel, 1080 Wien

Wednesday, 24 April 2019
- 20:00 - doors open
- 21:00 - concert

Our First Concert: June 2nd @ Donaukanaltreiben Festival

ORP-500x500-3.jpgHere is your first chance to see us live in performance: we are playing live at this year's Donaukanaltreiben Festival. Our hosts will be the nice people at Das Werk, and we will be playing a selection of old and very new stuff, ranging from minimal ambient to post-rock.

June 2nd, 2018
19:00 hrs
Admission is free. Just show up and enjoy the music.

More information at

Das Werk
Spittelauer Lände 12 / Stadtbahnbogen 331
1090 Wien
U4 & U6 Spittelau

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