Helicopters Flare

We've been busy composing and playing new material, and we're proud to show you one of our newest tracks, which is a taste of the new release we are preparing. Droney, dense, hypnotic and at times also fairly spooky, "Helicopters Flare" is a good example of the sonic territories we've been exploring recently.

Old Furniture Factory

As a sign that we still exist, here's an early demo version of one of the tracks from our recent sessions. It wasn't recorded in an old furniture factory, but at times we felt like it was. It's one of several pieces we recorded recently that felt more like places.

Peace on Earth

Orp wish you a merry Christmas and all the best for the New Year. Here's our Christmas gift to you, a new recording from last week. Enjoy, and spread peace.

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Orp is an ambient chamber jazz ensemble featuring Mig O'Rourke (electric cello, electric guitar, muurni khuur, theremin) and Horst Prillinger (electric guitar, electric piano, electric sitar, bass guitar). The band plays in a distinct style located between minimal music, drone, and ambient music, making extensive use of improvisation.

In My Dream, I'm Dancing to a Slow Tune

This fall has been very productive, so we have yet another new video for you: "In My Dream, I'm Dancing to a Slow Tune". It's, as you may have guessed, a slow tune.

This one started with a reverse loop which I made more or less by accident and which I felt suggested a dance move. It seemed logical to use it for a video, so I searched the Prelinger Archive for videos on dancing, found something, modified it, and then went back to the studio, took our track "Slow Industrial Tune", which we had recorded on October 15th, added the loop, recorded two additional new guitar tracks, and voilà. Enjoy, and dance.


In our quest to provide interesting video content, we have combined our track "Currents", recorded in July, with footage from a 1945 educational film on the principles of electricity. So listen and learn. Or be confused.

Orp Provide Soundtrack for Czech Theater Promo Clip

Orp have been commissioned to create the soundtrack for a promotional video clip of the Czech Theater's stage production of Karel Čapek's Rossum's Universal Robots. Performances will be on November 3, 4 and 11 at the Music Lab in Brno.

The track was specifically created for this video and is called "Robot Two (Soundtrack Version)".