We are happy to announce the official release of our new album "OOO", which will be available on all streaming and download platforms, and as a limited edition of 100 audio CDs.

You can order the CDs through our Bandcamp page, or buy them in Vienna at Substance, Rave Up or Mord & Musik.

Track titles:

  1. "Takeoff, Layers of Dust"
  2. "Chimes Immersed in Lava"
  3. "Early Morning She Drinks Tea and Reads Poetry by Dylan Thomas"
  4. "Spinner"
  5. "Your Shortwave Radio Station"
  6. "Tender Sunset Drone"

The total running time of this album is approx. 48 minutes


Order CD or digital album in MP3, AAC, FLAC or WAV: Bandcamp

Orp is an experimental ambient drone jazz ensemble featuring Mig O'Rourke (electric cello, muurni khuur, electric bass) and Horst Prillinger (electric guitar, electric piano, synthesizer, bass guitar). The band plays in a distinct style located between drone, ambient, dark ambient and experimental jazz, making extensive use of improvisation.